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2001: ''1st International Folklore Avalanche''

Saturday, 19th May 2001, Luebbenau/Spreewald and Dolzke-Island in Lehde
Sunday, 20th May 2001, District's capital Forst (Lausitz)

Participants: 17 ensembles from five countries

* Brass Orchestra of the LAUBAG Hoyerswerda e.V. (Germany)
* Singer's Group ''Gubienskie Luzycanki'' and Children's Dance Group ''Polonie'' (Poland)
* Dance Ensemble ''La Volte'' (Germany)
* Folklore Group ''DYKYTA'' (Czechia)
* ''Verein für Brauchtumspflege Soest'' (Germany)
* Folklore Ensemble ''Szamotuly'' (Poland)
* ''Gubener Folkloregruppe'' (Germany)
* German-Polnish Children's Ensemble ''Die Kobolde'' from Guben and Gubin (Germany/Poland)
* Folklore Group from Kerteminde (Denmark)
* Folklore Ensemble "Ostravicka" (Czechia)
* ''Tanzensemble Freundschaft'' (Germany)
* ''Boomtown Garter Girls'' (Canada)
* Folk Dance Group ''Grzes'' (Poland)
* ''Deutsch-Sorbisches Ensemble'' (Germany)
* Folk Art Group ''AYFAS'' (Czechia)
* ''Traditionsverein Schmogrow'' (Germany)
* Folklore Ensemble (Poland)


21st June 2019 - Luebbenau/Spreewald
22nd June 2019 - Forst (Lausitz)
23rd July 2019 - Cottbus
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